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Background of the Department

The Department of Irrigation - Uva Province falls under the Ministry of Finance and Planning, Law and Order, Education, Local Government, Cultural Affairs, Transport, Lands, irrigation, Economic Promotion, Rural Infrastructure Facilities and Constructions of the Uva Provincial Council and it was established in the last quarter of the year 2009.

Uva Province has been divided into two districts called Badulla and Moneragala and the department covers irrigational development work of both these districts.

The total area of Uva Province is 9951 and its population is about 1.5. Livelihood of the majority is based on agricultural economy in which there exists a very advanced hydro civilization.

However with the clearing of lands in the upcountry by Europeans for the cultivation of tea and coffee there had been an imbalance in the hydro civilization resulting in heavy damage to agricultural lands. As a result there was deterioration in the agricultural products and there was a set back in development work.

From that time to date, Uva Province has been subject to various changes which directly affected the agriculture. Constructions and development work in irrigation schemes which encourage upliftment of agriculture under various governments. As a result, some of the ancient tanks and anicuts have been reconstructed and are in use at present. At the same time a large number of tanks, anicuts and canals is in a position that can be used after reconstruction.

If water can be supplied throughout the year for cultivation work in divisional secretary’s divisions of Mahiyangana , Ridimaliyadda, Kandaketiya and the whole of Moneragala district it will be possible to bring about very big economic and social revolution in the field of development.

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